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Romantic SMS 2018 & Saying with Best Quality Images

Hi Dears, Welcome back again to this site. I always try post best Bangla SMS only for you. There are many ways to be romance with your partner; some are easier performed than others. Sending Romantic SMS messages – other than the cost should your cell phone plan not include them – are one the cheapest and easiest ways to show your love, and depending on how often you send them, they can also be one of the most surprising and touching.

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Mostly when is the last time you told your partner that you love them? How about when you explained why you love them? For a truly memorable series of love SMS text messages images, start the first one with, “Why I Love You”. Then throughout the rest of the day, send more notes that explain exactly why you feel the way you do in great detail.

Romantic SMS 2018 with Images

There are a great many ways to be romantic, but few are as simple and easy as sending a romantic SMS good night. These romantic good night ideas might also work as short emails, instant messaging quips, or written on sticky notes for a loved one who returns home later than you. No matter what the situation, however, you’ll find an appropriate romantic message here that will show your partner or date that you’re thinking of them, and maybe even inject a little more romance and passion into your relationship. Below I give some special Romantic SMS for you. Just enjoy!

1. I am thankful to god

Romantic sms

Every life in the world has been planted by god’s own hands,

that’s why I am thankful to god,

because when he palned my life

he included a lovely color that is you.

2. little warm in the morning

Romantic sms 2

Did you feel a little warm in the morning?

I sent you warm hugs in my thoughts!

3. To remind the world Romantic SMS

Romantic sms

Love is like sunshine. It brings a golden glow to its beholder’s face.

A warm feeling all over their body. It awakens souls & opens eyes.

When it’s over. It leaves billions of small memories called stars.

To remind the world. That it still exists.

4. Creating a Night Relationship

4romantic text message

Love is not about finding the right person but creating a night relationship.

It’s not about how much love u have in the beginning

but how much love u build till the end!!

5. I love you more In Everyday

5romantic text message

I love you more today
than I did yesterday,
but not as much as I will tomorrow

6. You are my special one Romantic SMS

6romantic text message

You are my summer breeze my winter sun
You are my springtime fun
You are my special one
You are my love, only one

7. Held You Close to my Heart

7romantic text message

There is nothing I want to anymore

after then I love you, sweetheart.

I have is nothing I want to do anything more

strongly than too held you close to my heart.

8. I told them to wish you

8romantic text message

Flowers are smiling at you…

Birds are singing for you.

Because last night I told them to wish you.

9. I feel U & look at U

10romantic text message

When I feel U when I look at U

I can’t deny there is a god

because God could have created someone as caring as U…..

10. Armaan machete hai

11romantic text message

Jazbaat Behkate hain jab turnse milta Hun

Armaan machaite hai jab tumse milta hun.

Saath hum dono ka koi bardasht nahi karta

sab humse jalte hai jab tumse milta hun…

11. Love is thinking about someone

12romantic text message

Every night I fall asleep

with a smile on my face

Because I know that I’m going

to make up and meet the person who puts it there…

12. A Special Romantic Text Message

13romantic text message

Love is thinking about someone else

more times in a day than you think about yourself

can you guess who I’m thinking about?

13. You have the feelings for me


Hold me in your arms and never let me go.

Kiss me on my lips, very sweetly and slow,

Show your love if you have the feelings for me,

let me share that my love is only for you.

14. I Love You Romantic Text Massage

15romantic text message

Love is a simple feeling.

I dream every night about you.

I want to capture your Heart.

15. Love Means Romantic Life

16romantic text message

Waqt mile to kabi rakhna kadam mere dil ke aangan me ..

aye sanam Hairaan res jaoge meere dilme apna mudaam dekh kar….!

16. I will always miss you

17romantic text message

When I miss you, not miss you alone.

I will always miss you and me together.

Because we are both make one I love you very much.

17. U R the smile on my lips

18romantic text message

U R the brightness of my eyes,

U R the smile on my lips,

U R feeling of my times,

widout U I M incomplete….

18. Teri har ada mohabbat

19romantic text message

Teri har ada mohabbat si lagti hai,

Ek pal ki judai bhi sadio si lagti hai,

pehle nahi socha tha ab sochne laga hoon,

zindgi ke lamhe me, teri zaroorat si lagti hai.

19. This Rose Only for U

20romantic text message

A good heart & a good nature R 2 different issues,
A good heart can win many relationships,
But a good nature can win many hearts.

20. Romantic Message for U

21romantic text message

My heart would be too, to carry my all love for you.

21. Someone Special Can Make U

22romantic text message

someone special can make u happy without doing anything.

22.  Miss U & Love U

23romantic text message

In your arms, I feel safe and secure,

I wish I could stay in your arms always.

miss you & love you!

23. It Is True Yaar

24romantic text message

“TEAR”…It is made of
1 % water
99 % feelings…!!
Don’t waste it..!!

24.  I Lóve Yóu Só Much Sweety

25romantic text message

I”M Sending This Bóuquet Of Lóve To Sày That
I Lóve Yóu Só Much Sweety

) / (
| / |

25. I hope you’re having a good day

26romantic text message

Upar wale ne ma ke pyar ki kuch is tarah missal di.
Ki Jannat utha ke Ma ke kadmo me daal di.

26. life becomes more romantic

27romantic text message

Life Becomes  Romantic when eyes start looking

At someone silently But life becomes more romantic

when someone starts reading those eyes silently…

27. Miss You Very Much

28romantic text message

if you miss me…
that is sweet of you ……
Very sweet indeed…
You can stop now …..

28. Love Makes Life Perfect

29romantic text message

All I Wanted Ws Someone 2 Care 4 Me
All I Wanted Ws Someone Who Wud B There 4 Me

29. I Love U Dear


All I Ever Wanted Ws Someone Who Wud B True
All I Ever Wanted Ws Someone like U

30. I Really Love You

31romantic text message

Its hard 2 act as loving, to one whom u really do
not love. But it is harder 2 act as not loving the person
whom u really love.

31. Happy Romance Day

32romantic text message

Kisne kaha hme apki yad nhi apko N soche

aisi koi rat nhi jati. Waqt bdal jata H aadte nhi jati,

Aap khas ho ye bat sbse to batayi nhi jati.

32. Enjoy every moment good

33romantic text message

Life is only traveled once.

today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory.

Enjoy every moment good or bad because

the gift of life is life itself…..

33. Tere Yaad Satati Mujhe

34romantic text message

34. I Love U Dear

35romantic text message

U know ur the best doctor

who save my love,

without cutting and pouring blood from my heart,

I am very lucky one to have y in my life..

35. Happy Rose Day

36romantic text message

If U delete this message that’s bcoz u love me

36. Good Morning Sweethearts

37romantic text message


37. Will my Lover

38romantic text message

One day I caught myself smiling for no reason,

then I realized I was thinking of you.

38. Miss You Very much

39romantic text message

We may be different.

But you’re the best friend I ever had.

Please come back soon…

39. My Heart is Mad at You

40romantic text message

I had a heart n that is true,
But now it has gone from me to you.
So care for it just like I do,
Because I have no heart n U have two.

40. Romantic SMS With Fun

41romantic text message

I wan”t to kiss ur lips
I wan”t to play with ur teeth
I want to teaste ur tounge
Hey ! don”t get angry fren
I m toothpaste………
Happy valentine dear

41. Happy Rose day Romantic SMS

42romantic text message

Love isn’t a decision, it’s a feeling.

If we could decide who to love, then,

life would be much simpler, but then less magical.

42. Be my Valentine

44romantic text message

My life won’t be interesting if you’re not interested in me. Be my Valentine!

43. I Love You

45romantic text message

Be my love on Valentine’s Day!

Steal your girlfriend’s heart with this cool, cute, sweet msgs.

44. Mere Dil Ki Bat Ban Jata

46romantic text message

chehre ki muskaan ban jata haikoi,

dil mein dhadkan ban ker bas jatahai koi,

phir kaise jeeya jaye unke bin,

jab zindagi jeene ke wajah banjata hai koi….

45. My Love is True

47romantic text message

Feelings are many but words are few, clouds are dark but sky is blue;

Luv is a paper, life is glue, everything is false, only My Luv is TRUE.

46. I would be incomplete

48romantic text message

cannot live without your love –
My life would not be the same;
For I would be incomplete,
Like a candle without a flame.

47. valentines day wishes to your friends

49romantic text message

Love can be expressed in many ways.

One way I know is to send it across

the distance to the person who is reading this.

48. Super Valentines Day Sms

50romantic text message

You are the twinkle of my eyes;
The smile on my lips;
The joy of my face;
Without you I am incomplete

49. Love is a gamble

51romantic text message

Love is a gamble sex is a game Boys play it girls get the blame

I night in pleasure 9 months of pain I day in the hospital.

50. love you so much

52romantic text message

Honey, you’re in my feelings, sending u some precious speedy

recovery cheer love you so much take care dear.

51. Winter Romance

53romantic text message

Another month, another year, another smile, another tear, another winter, another summer too but there will never be another you. Lastly, there’s a difference between your nightly routine – such as sitting down and watching TV after a long day together – and a nightly ritual. Routines are something that you do with regularity but don’t add anything connective or bonding to your relationship. What says I Love You better than a great love poem? You could send a series of Bangla Romantic SMS from our list of valentines day SMS, listing out an entire poem. Or, you could use one of these short and sweet love poetry quotes for a romantic touch anytime.