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Best Love Shayari in Hindi – 29 SMS with Lovely Images collection

Hello Dear, Here you can get the best Love Shayari SMS and text message for 2017. Shayars create a form of  lovely poetry that is called love shayari. It traditional that this form of poetry is often read to an audience in a special setting called mehfil. Although there are many professional shayars, who create shayari for their livelihood, love shayari is an immensely popular form of poetry for amateurs. The inspiration for amateur shayari is still largely romance & beauty. However, professional shayars tend to write more on social issues that is more popular for a larger section of society. So let’s check and read this post carefully. Because now this time lot’s of are website are face because they don’t provide best quality service which most of the SMS lovers are wants. But here you can get everything what do you want.

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Lovely Shayari in Hindi SMS with lovely images and funny video

Hindi Shayari SMS in Hindi and English with romantic images and video

Wishing SMS about I miss you

Love SMS about fir bhi ab din ginta hu

Love SMS about aye did tu daga na kar


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23 Love shayari in hindi with lovely Images:

we discuss with you about best Hindi Shayari SMS and text message for all of the SMS lovers. Here we also provide for you best image SMS which most of the girls are most like.

Amir Khusro is considered to be one of the foremost shayari of the world; he wrote in Persian. Mirza Ghalib is considered the ultimate authority on Urdu poetry. He lived in Delhi & died in 1869. Shairi, also known as Rustavelian Quatrain, is a monorhymed quatrain used by Shota Rustaveli in the Knight in the Panther’s Skin. Love shayari consists of four 16-syllable lines, with a caesura between syllables eight and nine. While there are stanzas with as many as five syllables rhyming, generally shairi uses either feminine or friendship rhyme. Below I will try most lovely shayari. Just enjoy it…..

  1. love shayri in hindi

love shayri in hindi

Dil ka haal batana nahi aata
Kisi ko aise tadpaana nahi aata
Sun-na chaahte hain aapki awaaz
Magar baat karne ka bahana nahi aata

2. gulab se pucho love shayri hindi

love shayri hindi

Us gulab se pucho ki dard kya hota hai,
Jo hamesha khamosh rehta hai,
Logon ko deta hai paigam -e- mohabbat,
Aur khud kaaton ki chubhan ko sehta hai..

3. Kash mujhe maut aa jaye

hindi shayri love

Aankh moond jaye to sapna tumhara ho,
Aankh khul jaye to mukhda tumhara ho,
Kash mujhe maut aa jaye main mar jaoon,
Agar kafan phi mile to woh aanchal tumhara ho..

4. Kasam tumhrei tumhe

love hindi shayri

Badalna nahi aata humein mausam ki tarah,
Har ek rut mein teraintezaar karte hain..
Na tum samjh sako jise qayaamat tak,
Kasam tumhrei tumhe itna pyaar karte hain..

5.  Sukun milta hai jab unse baat hoti

hindi love shayri

Sukun milta hai jab unse baat hoti hai
Hazar raaton mein wo ek raat hoti hai
Nigah uthakar jab dekhte hain wo meri taraf
Mere liye wohi pal poori kaaynat hoti hai.

6. hamare liye hi unhe waqt love shayri in hindi

hindi shayri for love

Kalam uthai hai lafz nahi milta,
Jisko dhund rahe hain wo shaks nahi milta,
Firte hain wo zamane ki talash mein,
Bus hamare liye hi unhe waqt nahi milta..

7. hindi shayri love

shayri of love in hindi

Pyar karo to hamesha muskura ke
Kisi ko dhokha na do apna bana ke
Kar lo yaad jab tak hum zinda hain
Phir na kehna ke chale gaye dil mein yaadein basa ke

8. Dil ki jab dhadkan thamey love shayri in hindi

shayri for love in hindi

Tumse Mulakat ho, Phir se koi baat ho..
Waqt ki kuch na chale, Na Din dhale, na raat ho..
Zikr gum ka chod kar, Teri-meri baat ho..
Zindagi ko maud dein, Ek nayi shuruaat ho..
Dil ki jab dhadkan thamey, Dil pe tera haath ho.

9. love hindi shayri

hindi love shayri sms

Kuch Alag Tha Kehne Ka Andaz Unka
Ke Suna Bhi Kuch Nahi Or Kaha Bhi Kuch Nahi
Kuch Is Tarah Bikhre Unke Pyar Mein Hum
Ki Tuta Bhi Kuch Nahi Aur Bacha Bhi Kuch Nahi.

10. mujhe aazma rahe honge love shayri in hindi

all hindi shayari

Mana ke mujhse woh khafa rahe honge!
Ho sakta hai woh mujhe aazma rahe honge!
Hum utni hi shiddat se yaad karenge unhein!
Jitni shiddat se woh hamein bhula rahe honge.

11. Ke shayad sapne mein mulakat love shayri in hindi

love shayri in hindi 2

Honth keh nahi sakte jo fasana dil ka,
Shayad nazron se woh baat ho jaye,
Is ummeed se karte hain intezar raat ka,
Ke shayad sapne mein mulakat ho jaye..

12. hindi love shayri

love shayri hindi 2

Sun lo jo agar to ek baat kahoon,
Tere dil ko main apni kainaat kahoon,
Basa kar tujhe apni jism-o-jaan mein,
Mohabbat ko main apni hayaat kahoon.

13. Teri har ada mohabbat si lagti

hindi shayri love 3

Teri har ada mohabbat si lagti hai,
Ek pal ki judai bhi muddat si lagti hai,
Pehle nahin ab sochne lage hain hum ki,
Zindagi ke har lamhe mein teri zaroorat si lagti hai..

14. hindi shayri for love

love hindi shayri 3

Original source by

Kamal thi hath mai likhna sikhaya aapne,
Takat thi hath mai hosla dilaya aapne,
Manzil thi samne rasta dikhaya aapne,
Hum to sirf dost the, Aashiq banaya aapne.

15. Kyonki Dil To Baccha Hai Ji

hindi love shayri 2

Jo Pyar Hamesha Sath Rahe Wo Sacha Hai Ji,
Jo Musibaton Mein Kaam Aaye Wo Acha Hai Ji,
Kabhi Kabhi Humse Bhi Ho Jati Hai Nadaniya,
Kyonki Dil To Baccha Hai Ji.


hindi shayri for love


17. Womeri kamzori se wo love shayri in hindi

shayri of love in hindi

Kitni wakif thi
Womeri kamzori se wo,
Wo ro deti thi
Aur main har jata tha..

18. shayri of love in hindi

shayri for love in hindi 2 Love shayari

Original source by

Ruke toh Chaand,
Chale toh Hawaon jaise hai,
Wo Shaks,
Dhoop mein dekho toh
Chhaaon jaise hai!

19. Hum dono hi rishton

hindi love shayri sms

Kasoor na unka tha na mera,
Hum dono hi rishton ki rashme nibhate rahe,
Wo dosti ka ahsaas jatate rahe,
Aur hum mohabbat ko dil me chhupate rahe..!!

20. shayri for love in hindi

all hindi shayari 2 Love shayari

Roj aata hai mere
Dil ko tasalli dene
Khayaal e-yaar ko
Mera khyaal yaar ko kitna hai.

21. Dosti toh kar lega love shayri in hindi

love shayri in hindi 3

Dosti toh kar lega koi bhi aapse,

koi hamari tarah nibhaye toh bata dena.

22. hindi love shayri sms

hindi love shayri 3

Teri har ada mohabbat si lagti hai,
Ek pal ki judai bhi muddat si lagti hai,
Pehle nahin ab sochne lage hain hum ki,
Zindagi ke har lamhe mein teri zaroorat si lagti hai..

23 Hindi Love shayari:

all hindi shayari 3 Love shayari

Humse door jayogi kaise ,Dil se hume bhulayoge kaise,

Hum to uo khusboo hain jo aapki saanso mein baste hain,

Khud ki saanso ko rok payoge kaise.

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Conclusion: Love shayari is worth noticing that despite the feminine & dactylic forms of rhyme, in Georgian shairi stress is very weak due to the nature of the Georgian language, which is characterized by love sms & very weak stress placed on antepenultimate syllable in words longer than two syllables & on penultimate in two syllable words. Now this year we want to provide for you some of the different types of facilities. Which most of the people are like. In this post, So what type SMS you need? Just search our website search box and just take your solution easily right now. Most of the users don’t get it easily for that reason we provide this SMS so simple ways. Thanks for being with us.