Jokes SMS Collection of Funny or Joking Images & Video

Jokes SMS Collection of Funny or Joking Images & Video

A good Jokes SMS is succinct, containing no more detail than is needed to set the scene for the punchline at the end. In the case of riddle jokes or one-liners the setting is implicitly understood, leaving only the dialogue and punchline to be verbalized. Identified as one of the simple forms of oral literature by the Dutch linguist André Jolles, jokes are passed along anonymously. They are told in both private and public settings; a single person tells a jokes messages to his friend in the natural flow of conversation, or a set of jokes is told to a group as part of scripted entertainment.

15 Jokes SMS With Interesting Fun

Jokes SMS are also passed along in written form or—more recently—through electronic messaging systems. Internet joking has indeed become a major method of transmission. Either as written narratives or graphic cartoons, jokes are sent through email to friends and acquaintances; individuals joking with each other in a physical space have been replaced here by Funny SMS. Just enjoy it……

  1. Jokes SMS

Jokes sms

BIWI shohar se

“Tum shadi ke bad badal gaye ho!”,

Maine tumhein pehlay hi bata diya tha

ke mujhey shadi shuda larkiyon main koi dil chaspi nahi 😛

2. kis number par karu

He- hi
He- ???
He- there??
He- recharge kis number par karu?
She- 9557 wale par
She- aur 100 ka karna full talktime hai.


mai pyar kar raha tha
wo khel samaj khel rahi thi
mai unke pholoen ki khushboo sungh raha tha
wo muje kagaz ke phol de rahi thi.
sach kaha hai kisine

4. Sms Jokes

sms jokes

A couple were arguing.
Wife: You dont like anybody in my family.
Husband: Not true, I like your mother-in-law

better than my mother-in-law!

5. Love Nahi To Life Bekar

Pyar Nahi To Collage Bekar…
Love Nahi To Life Bekar…
Sapne Nahi To Raat Bekar…
Aur Aur
Tum Jaisa DOST  Nahi To DUNIYA
Bekar… jokes in hindi

Jokes sms video

6. Khwab Bankar

Viswas Bankar Log Zindagi Me Aate he,
Khwab Bankar
Ankho Me Soma Jate Hai,
Pahle To Yakin Dilate Hai Wo Hamare He,
Phir Jane Kya Tanh a Chod Jate Hai.

7. Zubaida Aapa ki Batien

jokes in hindi

Rozay main chupkay se pani pe lainay se sara din pyaas nahi lagti.

8. Get Superfast Internet

Aaj Kal Teri Bato Me Rehta Hu Busy,
wah wah…
Aaj Kal Teri Bato Me Rehta Hu Busy,
Get Superfast Internet with
Vødäføn 3G… sms hindi jokes

9. Friendship is a Gold coin

Love is a small coin…Life is a big coin…

Wife is a lucky coin…Lover is a sweet coin…

But, Friendship is a Gold coin……….keep it safe it . . !

10. This Much Jokes SMS

sms hindi jokes

I love you this much.

11. utha raha hoon mai

“suhaag raat hain ghunghat
utha raha hoon mai!”
1 comment
– “keep on updating we are

SMS Jokes Video

12. Abhi Zamane Ke Mizaaj Ko

Dekha Nahi Shayad Tumne

Abhi Zamane Ke Mizaaj Ko.
Ye Wafa-Wafa Karne WaleHi

Aksar Bewafe Hote Hai.

13. Remember that jokes sms


Remember that time that you threw a shoe at me and I fell behind the bed?

14. Boys ka common sense

Boys ka common sense zero hota hai


Gents toilet me likh kar aayenge

“Priya I Love you”

Ab kya priya waha padhne jaati hai !!!!!!!!!

15. Kitna Khush Dikhai De Rahe Hai

jokes in English

Patni ekho,Wo Couple KISS Karte Hue

Kitna Khush Dikhai De Rahe Hai.
Pati:Wo Usse DROP Karne Aaya Hai,RECEIVE Karne Nahi..

Jokes sms are a form of humour, but not all humour is a joke. Some humorous forms which are not jokes are: involuntary humour, situational humour, practical jokes, slapstick, and anecdotes. All of these are humorous, but none of them is a verbal joke. This is also can be a love sms for a friend. The Shaggy dog story is in a class of its own as an anti-joke; although presenting as a joke, it contains a long drawn-out narrative of time, place and character, rambles through many pointless inclusions and finally fails to deliver a punchline. This article concerns itself only with verbal jokes, leaving performance comedy aside.