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Funny SMS With Jokes in Hindi, English With Funny Images

Funny SMS is particularly popular in Europe, Asia (excluding Japan; see below), United States, Australia and New Zealand and is also gaining influence in Africa. Popularity has grown to a sufficient extent that the term texting (used as a verb meaning the act of mobile phone users sending short messages back and forth) has entered the common lexicon. Young Asians consider SMS with images as the most popular mobile phone application. Fifty percent of American teens send fifty funny messages or more per day, making it their most frequent form of communication.

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Funny SMS With Jokes in Hindi, English With Images

Funny SMS is hugely popular in India, where youngsters often exchange lots of text messages, and companies provide alerts, infotainment, news, cricket scores updates, railway/airline booking, mobile billing, and banking services & Bangla SMS. Below I will try some special Funny SMS only for you. Funny SMS With Jokes in Hindi, funny sms in english for girlfriend, funny love sms, Funny Images, Here we provide some of the different types of data which you like most. Just enjoy it!

  1. Funny SMS in Hindi
  • funny sms in hindi

Favorite nursery rhyme?

2. Funny SMS Hindi

Wife: You delivered an excellent speech.

Hubby: Thanks, dear but the audience was full of fools and idiots.

Wife: Is that why you addressed them as your brothers and sisters?

3. Hindi Funny SMS

funny sms hindi

Don’t worry I am there na

4. Sal ke Buddhe ne Apni

1friend:gazhab ho gaya,gazhab ho gaya.

2friend:kyu kya hua?

1friend:ek 98 sal ke buddhe ne apni 97 sal

ke patni ko deworce manga.

5. Funny Jokes sms

hindi funny sms

A nice lady appears bringing the towel you forgot.

6. Can U Do Anything Fast funny SMS

Mom 2 Son – Can U Do Anything Fast That I Cant?
Son – Ya, Mom I Can Read My HandWriting Faster Than U.

7. Hindi SMS Jokes

funny hindi sms

U leave tail alone, I not rip face off deal?

8. Sms Jokes in Hindi

hindi sms jokes

That awkward moment when you realize you don’t have a cat.

9. Tank Full Kardo

The three most difficult words to say..,
.Tank Full Kardo..

10. Jokes sms in Hindi

sms jokes in hindi

My reaction when I get a friend request from an unknown girl.

Funny Jokes sms in hindi

11. Sharma Mat

Ek-kiss k baad hota kya h?
Sharmao mat
Ek-kiss (21) k baad Ba-iss (22) hota

12. Funny Hindi SMS

jokes sms in hindi

Happiest moment for today’s
generation is..
Battery full..
Charging complete

13. Very Simple trick

A Very Simple trick
To end chat wid a girl –
.. ,
Just ask
her Mobile no.
She will disappear in a while.

14. Funny Hindi Sms

funny hindi sms

Which one is inside the fence?

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